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Exchange Students


Preparing your stay

Viñeta verdeApplication

Application + Learning Agreement online
Legal aspects: Visa
Language requirements

Viñeta verdeAcademic information

Spanish and UC University System

Organisation of degrees. General information
ECTS credit distribution

Assessment and grading scale

Degree Programmes

Courses in English
UC REAL Summer program
Academic calendar 2013-2014
Academic orientation: Departmental Co-ordinators

Viñeta verdePracticalities

Accommodation: shared flats with Spanish and exchange students: (required application form). More information:

Arriving at the UC

Viñeta verdeVisit the ORI
Viñeta verdeOrientation Programme

Welcome presentation 2013-2014 (September)

Viñeta verdeMentoring Programme

Viñeta verdeSpanish course (Language Centre, CIUC)
Viñeta verdeRegistration process


Viñeta verdeLegal registration at the Oficina de Extranjeros de Santander

During your stay

Viñeta verdeSantander and Cantabria
Viñeta verdeStudent association: AEGEE Santander
Viñeta verdeUC Volunteer programme

Viñeta verdeSports

Viñeta verdeExtramural activities
Viñeta verdeIT Services
Viñeta verdeMedical assistance
Viñeta verdeInternships
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At the end of your stay

Viñeta verdeCertificate of Attendance
Viñeta verdeTranscript of records

Viñeta verdeSatisfaction survey