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Academic regulations


To be admitted as a 'Visiting student', the student must be registered at a higher education institution similar to the Spanish universities.


Students can register for a maximum of 60 ECTS credits, as is the case for all other exchange students. The minimum period of stay for which they will be admitted is one semester and the maximum two semesters.


Students can freely choose the courses they wish to take according to their interests, credit limits and the course offer. The deadline for receiving the application is June 30th for the first term and December 1st for the second.


Students will be notified during the month of June whether they have been admitted to the University and, upon arrival, will pay the same fees as local students. The price to pay for registration and other rights will be the same as that established for the regular students. As well as the registration fee, the student is required to pay for the student card and the student insurance (the latter only in the case of under 28 years old).