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Student Visa


To enter Spain as a student, citizens from non-European countries must request a visa in the Spanish Consulate in their country of origin. The visa will be a student visa which is valid for the total study period in the University of Cantabria and the requirements will be as follows: 

A document which shows admission in the University of Cantabria and which also states that the University will help the student to find accommodation (this document will be sent to the student once all the documents outlined in the section “compulsory documents” have been received).


Some Consulates may ask the student to have a medical check-up.


Some Consulates may also ask for a document which states that the student has not a criminal record.


An original certificate issued by the university of origin which states that the student has financial means equivalent to the basic wage because he/she receives an income of some sort or because his/her parents will regularly send them the previously mentioned amount of money.