Most Frequently Asked Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival in Santander

1. What is the ORI?
2. When is the ORI open to the public?

3. When should I arrive in Santander?

4. Who will help me finding accommodation?
5. How do I find out the address of my accommodation?

6. Are there any rules that I should follow regards my accommodation?
7. If I do not like the flat found, can I change?

Subjects and Registration
8. Will I be given guidance in the ORI as to what subjects I should choose?
9. When should I register?

10. Where can I get the registration form?
11. Can the Learning Agreement be used as a registration form?
12. Where should I register for my courses?
13. Can I change the courses I have registered for?
14. Once I have completed my registration, do I have to go back to the ORI?

Spanish Course
15. What is the CIUC?
16. Is the Spanish course compulsory?

17. Do I have to pay to attend the Spanish course?

Orientation Programme
18. Should I attend the Orientation Programme?
19. How should I go about paying for the Orientation Programme excursions?
20. What is a UC mentor?
21. Are the times of the Orientation Programme activities going to coincide with that of my Spanish Course?

While at the University
22. Where can I find a computer room?
23. What is the TUI?
24. When will I get my TUI?
25. Is it necessary to open an e-mail account at the UC?
26. What do I have to do to be able to use my account?
27. How do I find out where the subjects I have registered for are to be held?
28. When and where are the exams?
29. Is it necessary to open a bank account?

End of your stay
30. Can I stay longer in Santander?
31. Do I have to do any paperwork in the ORI before I leave?
32. What is the Attendance Certificate?
33. Where should I go to get my Transcript of Records?


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